Meet our team




A Masters by Research student in Infection and Immunity, Matin's research is in the field of virology. His interest lies in one health and its importance in understanding the changing dynamics of communicable diseases. With the public view on science both enhancing and undermining scientific efforts, Matin founded WISEmag to open dialogue between scientists and the public regarding scientific theories and conclusions to better the public perception of science and in return the support for scientific advancements.



Managing Editor

A medical student from the University of East Anglia, Amit has a keen interest in Global Health Policy and Advocacy. This passion has led him to be elected as the Students for Global Health National Committee Secretary 2020/21 as well as participating in policy writing and capacity building at a national and international level, with the International Federation of Medical Students Associations. More recently, it has led him to put his experience towards working as part of the LonWHO 2020 Organising Committee as the co-lead for the theme team and the UKWHO 2020 Central Committee as the Partners Director.




A PhD student at the University of East Anglia, Emily is a developmental biologist working on the epigenetic regulation of muscle, tendon, and cartilage development. This work broadly involves understanding and underpinning the genetic regulatory networks involved with somite development in chicken embryos, and the key genetic switches that are fundamental for a working musculoskeletal system. Whilst she loves being in the lab, Emily is also keen to explain her work and have an open dialogue to the general public.



Podcast producer

A PhD student of at the University of Edinburgh, Federico is interested in studying the proteins of SARS-CoV-2. His interest lies in identifying potential drug targets of respiratory viruses. He has a great interest in science communications, and one of his main objectives is to make science more accessible, fun and enjoyable for the public. Having previously volunteered as a radio speaker and as copy-editor of an undergraduate-led scientific journal, The Edinburgh Scientist, he joined WISE to start a podcast tailored for the lay person.



Social Media manager

Sam is currently a medical student at the University of East Anglia and has a BSc in Biomedical Science from King's College London. During her previous degree she developed an interest in Immunology and Immunotherapy, which she hopes to one day apply in practice. She is also passionate about understanding the many facets of healthcare and health disparity.




Emilie is a designer passionate about challenging the interactions between humans and their environment. To address environmental and social crisis with a more-than-human perspective, she engages with various subjects, from ecofeminism to sustainable food systems. Also wanting to learn more about health and medicine, she is in charge of illustrating Wise's articles.