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Race & Health: A gruesome history

Although racism is often brought up in our society, especially under the current climate, its relation to health is often left undiscussed. To open a dialogue about today’s relationship between race and health cannot take place until we break down that of yesterday’s.

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The 2019 Measles Outbreak

The 2019 Measles Outbreak of the United States of America ​ 2019 is the year marked with the largest outbreak of measles in the U.S. since the elimination of the disease. Last time an outbreak of this caliber was recorded was in 1994, with 963 cases [10]. According to the CDC, 839 cases of measles […]

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Vaccines 101: A brief introduction

Brief history The history of vaccines can be tracked much further back than modern medicine [1]. An observation by Thucydides in 430 BC Athens described how people surviving smallpox infection did not get infected again. Starting in tenth century China, healthy people were exposed to infected tissue in a form of vaccination known as variolation. […]

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