What Is Science Even?

Here at WISEmag we bring you articles on current affairs and controversies regarding science. From healthcare to climate change we break down the science and discuss its meaning and impact. Join in on the conversation either by commenting on our articles, or via our social media, as we dig into what science really is.

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Our op-ed style articles are written to give certain perspectives on current issues regarding science. Joining in on the politics, these piece put the science in context and provides some perspective.

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Breaking Down Science!

BDS – our signature articles – breaks down the science of a certain topic. By following the evidence with a critical mindset we explain and help digest the science behind controversial topics, be it climate change, vaccines, lockdowns, or anything else.

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High Commissioner for Human Rights: Climate change is a threat to human rights

Sep 11th, 2019

​Land degradation may lead to 10-17 % loss of global GDP according to Executive Secretary of UNCCD

Sep 11th, 2019

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